Unveiling the Potential of Your Skin with UltraFusion

Unveiling the Potential of Your Skin with UltraFusion

What exactly is UltraFusion and how does it benefit your skin?

UltraFusion is a patented ultrasound skin rejuvenation pen that uses radio waves to regenerate the skin mattress, plumping, firming, and re-densifying the skin.

The benefits of UltraFusion
Smooths wrinkles and fine lines effectively.
Renders your skin a youthful and vibrant glow.
Maintains your skin's moisture levels optimally.
Tones facial muscles.
Enhances skin resilience and elasticity.
Encourages lymphatic drainage.

Who can benefit from UltraFusion?
UltraFusion is a powerhouse able to effectively treat various skin types and conditions, including rosacea, wrinkles, fine lines, loss of density, scarring, stretch marks, & acne management.Β 

How UltraFusion works for skin rejuvenation
Fusion of Ultrasound and Microcurrents, it gently permeates the skin for profound rejuvenation, and stimulates skin cells to enhance their vitality. It supports the skin's innate capacity for regeneration, promoting collagen and elastin synthesis for skin fortification and re-densification. Furthermore, it increases blood flow, nutrients, and oxygenation, maximising the effectiveness of skincare products and directing nutrients to areas requiring attention.

What to expect from an UltraFusion treatment?
UltraFusion is a gentle and non-invasive treatment with no discomfort or pain. It has been designed with comfort and relaxation in mind and is incorporated into our luxury facial treatments.Β The UltraFusion pen glides across the skin, gently contouring and stimulating the tissue structures in deeper layers of your skin.
There is no downtime or discomfort associated with this treatment, and it is appropriate for most skin types with minimal side effects.

The results
Immediately post treatment, your skin will be visibly lifted, firm and more youthful.
The long-term results will be most visible 3 months post treatment, with collagen and elastin stimulated by the treatment, rising through the layers of the dermis to re-densify tissues and plump out your complexion for long-lasting anti-aging results.

Recommended treatment course
To achieve pro-aging results that are visibly corrective, a course of 10 x weekly treatments is recommended followed by a monthly maintenance treatment.

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