Lira Clinical is highly exclusive, prescription only skincare, designed to correct skin conditions whilst keeping inflammation at bay. It is not available for online sale.

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Lira Clinical Core Four Treatment System

The first step of your skin correction journey starts with Core Four.

We must restore your skin barrier and promote your most resilient skin before you start your advanced skin correction journey with us. The Core Four is a four step system selected for your specific skin needs.
1 x Lira Clinical Cleanser
1 x Lira Clinical Serum
1 x Lira Clinical Moisturiser
1 x Lira Clinical Sunscreen.

The skin transformations speak for themselves. Get on the Core Four program now and thank us later.

Lira Clinical Pro Retinal Crème 

A next level retinal creme that alters cell behaviour
28.6gm $295

There is reason why Lira Clinical Pro Retinal Crème is one of our best sellers. It corrects, brightens, and hydrates while controlling inflammation. and hydration. It is a retinaldehyde, a retinol without redness or irritation, suitable for all skin types. It is for night-time use only.

The new PRO Retinal-Plus Treatment is a triple threat in the fight against aging, acne and pigment. Lira Clinical has utilized the latest in Hydroxysomes® product delivery to escort resveratrol’s supercharged antioxidant benefits into the skin in a stabilized form. 

Lira Clinical PRO Firming Serum

Peptide rich, skin densifying serum
29.5ml $152

Not to be too firm, but you NEED this serum if you’re serious about reducing fine lines and wrinkles. An exotic blend of tropical botanicals, plant stem cells and collagen building peptides concentrate on rebuilding the loss in volume, reducing fine lines and wrinkles whilst leaving skin bright and firm. Premenopause, menopause or post menopause, add structure with this building block serum.

Peptides are quite literally building blocks of protein in the body. One of the most crucial proteins that peptides form is collagen. We want a peptide in our routine to replenish skin density by building collagen in turn bringing structure to the face and tightening your skin.

Contact us to purchase 03 9510 9122 | SPA@BLANCSPA.COM.AU