Spa Facials


Blanc Spa’s modern space supports high-end luxury and clinical facial treatments, incorporating advanced techniques with the use of high-performance products and skin technologies. Our experienced therapists deliver a gold standard experience and result, with every treatment customised to suit individual client needs. Our premium skincare lines are carefully selected to deliver results and optimise skin health. From individual luxe spa facials to advanced skincare programs, there is a facial for everyone.


Our luxurious introduction to the first step in skin health & maintenance. This is the ideal facial to customise & deliver our professional Payot products & prepare you a bespoke treatment plan to achieve your skin care goals.


Key features: Refining, clarifying, hydrating.

60 mins                                     $165
12 x Skin Accelerate Prgm $1,760


Our bespoke brightening facial inspired by the purity & power of the Alpine environment.

This facial delivers dermal actives to strengthen and support optimal skin function, achieving a renewed vitality and a strengthened microbiome.


Key features: calming, firming, revitalising, hydrating.

60 mins          $220
12 x Skin Accelerate Prgm $2,400


Our highly sought after facial that extends to the next level of skin performance & luxury. Delivering deeper & more prolonged effects with a gentle enzyme peel to reveal refreshed & glowing skin, followed by a bio-cellulose mask to intensely hydrate, firm & protect.


Key features: Enzymatic peeling, firming, balancing, brightening.

90 mins          $275
12 x Skin Accelerate Prgm $3,000


Our assemblage of professional Payot facials address specific skin conditions, carefully selected in consultation with our expert therapists. These facials combine actives & results unable to be replicated at home – a complete Parisian Payot Institute experience.


Key features: Lifting, firming, hydrating, brightening, refining.

75 mins          $245
12 x Skin Accelerate Prgm $2,670


Our advanced dermal therapies are non-invasive with clinically proven results. All treatments are consultation based and highly customised to your skin needs and goals. All treatments are delivered by our highly skilled skin therapists.


A regular LED treatment series is a must to re-energise and strengthen skin function, preparing the skin for actives and intensive treatments and amplifying results.

Clinically proven to treat a range of skin concerns including fine lines and wrinkles, loss of volume, inflammation, wound healing, dehydration, sun damage and pigmentation, dull and lifeless skin and skin irregularities including acne, rosacea and scarring – LED treatments benefit almost all complexions. Add an LED onto your next treatment or simply enjoy on it’s own. The results stand for themselves.


Visibly transform the skin with an LED series. For best results we recommend an initial course of ten treatments, followed by monthly facial maintenance.

LED Treatment $110 (30 mins)
LED Program (10 pack) $900


Our truly decadent facial that will have you at peak performance, turning heads & floating on air.

Journey to your peak with a skin peel, LED light rejuvenation, deep pore refining cleansing, hydration, lifting & firming infusions, all whilst melting in massage. For the grand finalé, a sublime peptide collagen mask. This treatment is even extended to arms, hands, neck & décolletage.


Treat yourself. The Result will be A+

120 mins         $500

5 x Skin Accelerate Prgm   $2,200


Miracles can happen. Take your skin to the top with our “Glow Factory Facial”. Rejuvenate at the speed of light. The Apex LED Facial is high performance & proven to quench thirsty skin, refine tone & texture, plump, and add radiance & glow. A must for a special event with results that continue for days to follow.


Lactic & Salicylic Acid Prep | AHA Resurfacing Peel | LED Skin Rejuvenation | Advanced Collagen Mask

90 mins         $360

5 x Skin Accelerate Prgm $1,620


Rapid Transformation LED Facial
A super-charged express dermal rejuvenation facial. Includes an active peel, LED light rejuvenation, and a hydrating firming mask. This high performance boosting facial is packed with essential nourishment for rapid skin transformation.
Perfect lunchtime express facial, 60mins of power.


Lactic & Salicylic Acid Prep | LED Lights | Advanced Collagen Mask

60 mins         $265

5 x Skin Accelerate Prgm $1,200


Our advanced skin exfoliation treatments are consultation based to ensure the best results and the most appropriate skin treatment, all highly customized to your specific skin needs and conditions.

*Treatment suitability is at the discretion of our experienced therapists & subject to skin consultation. Gift Vouchers and online bookings are not available for these services. For all bookings and enquiries please call 03 9510 9122 or email


Improve skin health & promote cell renewal –
a non-invasive, deep cleansing facial rejuvenation treatment. Excellent for deep cleansing, refining skin tone & texture, fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and scarring. Booking suitability highly subject to skin consultation. *

60 mins          $185


Our micro blading skin treatment is an advanced skin refining treatment. It removes keratinised skin cells and vellus hair leaving your skin incredibly smooth, bright and youthful. A highly popular treatment pre-special event to ensure skin is make-up ready. Booking highly subject to skin consultation. *

60 mins      $200


A dedicated back facial for problematic, uneven, or congestion prone skin to regulate oil flow, refine and strengthen skin integrity. This back treatment deeply cleanses and decongests whilst easing underlying inflammatory conditions to promote healing & skin health.

60 mins      $200


Corrective Skin Peels

Advanced correctional peel formulations to strengthen and support optimal skin function. Lightens, brightens and treats specific skin conditions including aging, rosacea, pigmentation, acne and scarring. *

For optimum results a series of 6 fortnightly treatments is recommended.

Skin Peels                  from $220

Micro-needling Collagen Induction

Revolutionising collagen induction therapy with micro-needling with the newest device on the market for superior results. This non-invasive technology will elevate your skin in so many ways – a treatment for skin rejuvenation, wrinkles, rosacea, scars, stretch marks, loss of skin density, sun damage and pigmentation.

We recommend a course of 4-6 six skin needling sessions at 5 to 6 weekly intervals to achieve optimal results.

Micro-needling Treatment: $440 (60min)
Program 5 x Treatments: $1,980 (SAVE $220)