Menopause brings with it significant change in the body with the most visible changes being in our skin. The degree of change is unique to each of us, with most of us noticing mild to moderate skin changes due to a significant hormonal shift in the body. This is due to oestrogen, an essential female hormone, staring to decrease.

Oestrogen has profound effects on skin biology and function, supporting collagen production for skin structure, and skin density, alongside playing a key role in skin hydration. These changes occur due to collagen loss and reduced collagen production.

The skin is the largest organ of the body, comprised primarily of collagen. So, with collagen in decline it starts to make sense why we see such significant changes in the skin and body.

Typically referred to as perimenopause, menopause, and postmenopause, these are markers of transition in a woman's life and overall health.

  •  Perimenopause (pre-menopause) is the stage directly preceding menopause and officially ends when you experience 12 months without your period. It typically lasts for ~four years and usually starts when women are in their 40s. * like everything else, menopause can start a lot earlier depending on our unique bodies.
  • Menopause is when you stop having monthly periods and is the natural end of the reproductive stage of life.
  • Postmenopause (after-menopause) describes the years after menopause occurs.

Skin changes with menopause

As you age and oestrogen levels drop, the skin ages more rapidly. It becomes harder for your body to produce collagen and the skin is more susceptible to dryness and fragility, and as skin experts these are the changes we typically see and treat:

Winkles and skin slackening become more prominent
Collagen decreases by around 30% in the first 5 years of menopause and by 2% every year for the next 20 years. That’s partly why the skin starts to lose its bounce and starts to head south, and why we see cosmetic changes such as skin wrinkling and loss of density.

Your skin becomes dry and moisture lacking
When oestrogen is reduced, the skin produces less sebum, hyaluronic acid and ceramides. These substances enhance the skin barrier and help prevent evaporation. When barrier function is compromised with this lack of oils and water, the skin becomes increasingly dry and itchy.

Skin sensitivity increases
As we age the pH level of our skin increases due to the reduced about of oil and sebum produced by the body. This influences the acidity of the skin (acid mantle) and results in increased skin sensitivity. If you are already prone to skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, or rosacea this could in fact worsen.

Adult acne pokes it’s head up
Hormone fluctuations (oestrogen impacts our androgens) and stress (cortisol) can be factors causing adult acne. One we are able to minimise ourselves, this being our stress hormones cortisol, which directly stimulates our oil glands and triggers inflammation can contribute to acne formation.

Professional skin treatments for menopausal skins 

Regular, monthly, professional skin treatments are key to maintaining skin health and reducing the rate of ageing by replenishing the moisture content and promoting a healthy skin barrier. We have a few, effective, recommendations that assist in slowing, preventing, and treating each unique skin change. These range from facials to more advanced (non-invasive) skin therapies that bring the skin function back to health, carrying out the natural processes that have slowed or are now impaired.

Blanc Signature Facial 90mins – A luxurious reconditioning facial that delivers deep hydration and nourishment, essential to skin health and maintenance.

LED Therapy – The mother of all healers, LED is exceptional for inflammatory conditions, dehydration, and collagen induction. Working to re-energise skin cells and improve overall skin cell function, not only is it effective but is makes you feel super relaxed.

Dermapen 4 Micro-needling – For deeper dermal change and synthesis of new collagen you can increase the intensity to Micro-needling. This popular treatment is a game changer in reversing aging and for skin correction, stimulating new collagen and elastin.

Tailored skincare is a must

Everything we do on a daily basis impacts the quality of our skin, this includes your skincare routine at home. Having a tailored set of products designed specifically for your skin needs is damn important to keeping aging at bay. We implore you to book in for a skin consultation and to get set you up with right products for you. Here are some of the hero ingredients for menopausal skins that we will lean on:

Retinol, retinal, retinaldehyde are derived from Vitamin A and have been shown to improve skin quality and texture. Retinoids alter the behaviour of aged cells to regenerate at a faster rate, repairing skin and stimulating collagen production. It is important you are prescribed the right form of Vitamin A for you, they are potent and can be extremely drying if incorrectly used.

Blanc Spa recommendation: Lira Clinical Pro Retinal Crème is one of our best sellers. It corrects, brightens, and hydrates while controlling inflammation. It is a retinaldehyde, a retinol without redness or irritation, suitable for all skin types. It is for night-time use only, up to 3 times a week.

Peptides are quite literally building blocks of protein in the body. One of the most crucial proteins that peptides form is collagen. We want a peptide in our routine to replenish skin density by building collagen in turn bringing structure to the face and tightening your skin.

Blanc Spa recommendation: We are not the only ones obsessed with Lira Clinical Pro Firming Serum. Winner of the 2023 Dermascope Aestheticians’ Choice Awards this serum packs a punch of skin firming peptides and is suitable for all skin types.

Ceramides are complex lipids that play a central role in cell membrane integrity, cellular stress response, and inflammatory signalling. With menopause ceramides reduce significantly yet are essential for a healthy skin barrier, keeping skin supple, nourished and moisturised.

Blanc Spa recommendation: We love the fortifying anti-aging moisturiser, Payot Supreme Jeunesse Le Soin Pro-Age. Formulated with a hefty serving of ceramides and hyaluronic acid this creme is particularly helpful at easing dryness, strengthening and correcting.  

Yes, we get wrinkles from our life of sun exposure, and it should continue to be your priority to protect your skin from the sun. Menopause means we have less protective melanin in the skin, and we are even more prone to sun damage. Irrespective of whether it feels warm or whether you can see the sun, wear a broad form sunscreen all year round.

Blanc Spa recommendation: Our hottest sunscreen right now is OCosmedics Mineral Pro SPF50. Available in tinted and neutral, this sunscreen provides UVA and UVB protection, whilst leaving your skin with the ultimate dewy and radiant skin. It is Australian made and certified to Australian standards.

Shift your focus to you

At Blanc Spa we refer to menopause as “meant to pause”. It is perhaps more of an occasion where we should take a moment to breathe, where we turn our focus to ourselves and priorities how we look after our minds, body and skin. Everything we do on a daily basis impacts the quality of our skin – including the quality of our thoughts.

So go and book that regular time out for you, that Blanc Signature Facial, that skin consultation for a custom homecare routine, that yoga series… embrace your age and revitalise your beauty by finding balance in your hormones (and your life).

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