YOU SKIN & SUNSCREEN (a long-term relationship)⁠

YOU SKIN & SUNSCREEN (a long-term relationship)⁠

If you are into future proofing your skin with SPF then you probably know about the TWO finger rule when it comes to sunscreen application. To take it a step further, we wanted you to know how much and how often you should reapply for adequate protection.

How much SPF do I really need to apply and how often?
The less sunscreen you apply, the less protection you have.

The Cancer Council recommends applying 5ml (~1tsp) for each arm, leg, front of body, back of body, face (including neck and ears). For the face alone, excluding the neck and ears, a common recommendation is ¼ teaspoon, roughly TWO finger lengths of sunscreen.

Regardless of SPF factor, sunscreen should be applied every TWO hours and reapplied after swimming or sweating to ensure consistent protection.

SPF 50 VS SPF 30
The hole in the ozone layer is REAL and Australia’s UV Rays index is off the charts compared to most of the rest of the world. This means we are more susceptible to photo ageing and sun damage.

UV protection is proportional to the SPF number. There’s a common myth that SPF 50 is only 1% better than SPF 30 however this is based on the amount of UV that is blocked. In terms of skin-damaging UV that gets past the sunscreen (which is the UV we care about most), SPF 50 is almost TWO TIMES as protective as SPF 30, and SPE 30 us TWO TIMES as protective as SPF 15.

A committed relationship with your SPF now saves for a toxic relationship with your skin in the future.⁠ Apply well to reapply sunscreen.

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