Blanc Spa Skin Peels

PEEL SEASON: The time of year you can safely undertake a course of Skin Peels, AKA winter.

What is a Skin Peel?

Skin Peels are a chemical exfoliation that carefully remove deeper layers of the skin that are unable to be shed naturally or by mechanical exfoliation.  

With the help of advanced enzymes and acid formulations, peels are used for: advanced skin correction, lifting and shifting pigmentation, breaking up glycation and conditions associated with aging, treating inflammation including acne and rosacea; and encourage collagen and elastin synthesis, all whilst revealing fresh, healthy skin!

Can my skin benefit from a skin peel?

Yes! A flawless complexion is lying just beneath the surface of your skin.

Skin Peels are a highly effective way to treat and correct various skin concerns. Thanks to advanced peeling technology we can peel away imperfections without causing inflammation, and prolonged redness.

The benefits of Skin Peels:

  • Softens fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Refine skin texture and tone.
  • Lightens and minimises pigmentation.
  • Calms inflammation including rosacea.
  • Treat acne and congestion.
  • Correct visible sun damage.
  • Tighten enlarged pores.
  • Makes skincare far more effective (with no dead cells impeding their penetration).

Peel Season… is there such a thing?


The process of re-conditioning the skin means we want to be as far away from the sun as possible. During the winter months, UV rays are at their lowest and our skin is much less likely to be damaged by the sun. Our fresh new skin cells are vulnerable to the sun’s powerful rays, so that’s why we peel in winter, to avoid UV exposure.

The three months of winter allow the perfect window to peel, with the frequency of peels being fortnightly for 6 treatments for true skin correction and optimum results.

Pre-peel skincare is a must.

Pre-peel skincare, also known as “prep”, is vital to ensure a controlled peeling result and optimum performance. Our prescription homecare is non-negotiable when signing up to a peel program, this allows us to ensure that the skin is hydrated and healthy enough to commence the peel journey, in turn ensuring exceptional results.

All clients are to prepare their skin on a Lira Clinical Core 4 System of home-care products for two weeks prior to the first peel.

Our Winter Skin Peel Programs

All our peel programs comprise of 6 x Skin Peels at fortnightly intervals.

We offer three outstanding and unique peel formulations to allow us to deliver the most tailored peeling solutions:

Lira Vita Brite PeelA universal healing peel for rosacea, reactive, and dull skins.
Lira Green Power PeelAdvanced correction peel for acne and pigmentation.
Lira Pure Peel Premium correction peel for aging, acne, and pigmentation.

Skin Peel Promotions
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Don’t miss your chance to Skin Peel this year. You can’t underestimate their power and efficacy. Book your Peel Series >> online or contact us 03 9510 9122

Peel now, thank us later.