Embrace NanoFusion: The Future of Skincare

Embrace NanoFusion: The Future of Skincare

Introducing NanoFusion: A Breakthrough in Skincare

NanoFusion is a new, revolutionary, non-invasive skin treatment designed to rejuvenate the skin by assisting in transdermal serum delivery, boasting 1000% more absorption power than regular serum applications.

Benefits of NanoFusion for Your Skin
Reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and signs of aging with NanoFusion.
Lightens pigmentation including deep set hormonal shifts such as melasma.
Reduces scarring and restore your skin's youthful glow naturally.
Delivers essential nutrients to the skin for long-lasting health, hydration and nourishment.

Who can benefit from NanoFusion?
NanoFusion is skincare innovation for the treatment of pigmentation (including melasma), glycation, age management, acne, & scarring. The technology allows for tailor-made treatments to individual skincare needs to address them with precision and care.

How It Transforms Your Skin
NanoFusion allows for advance delivery of actives to where they are needed most, in turn boosting efficiency and allowing for greater efficacy (results!).
It is a high-performance treatment that is luxe and therapeutic. The NanoFusion sequence is an addition to one of our luxury facial treatments, seamlessly integrated, where you will experience the mild vibration of the NanoFusion pen across the skin throughout the facial. The NanoFusion pen opens temporary micro channels in the skin to allow for actives delivery and penetration. There is no discomfort or downtime associated with this treatment.

The results
Immediately post treatment, your skin will be radiant and lifted, with a mild flushing that will subside within a few hours. Mineral make-up may be applied.
The long-term results of collagen synthesis and correction of specific conditions will begin to be visible 3 months post treatment.

Recommended treatment course
Consistency is key. To achieve pro-aging results that are visibly corrective, a course of 6 x weekly treatments is recommended followed by monthly maintenance treatments.

Embark on your journey to skin radiance with wellness in mind. Experience the state-of-the-art delivery system that is NanoFusion for yourself by booking here >>