Payot has re-launched its acclaimed Lisse skincare line this month with four hero products to plump you to perfection. The highly anticipated launch is said to be Payot’s biggest of the year, and reflects the brand’s continued focus on innovation of products all whilst pushing a sustainability barrow with natural ingredients and recycled packaging.

The range consists of a Plumping Booster Serum, Wrinkle Smoothing Cream, Resurfacing Sleeping Cream, and 10-day Express Wrinkle Treatment. One of the Payot Lisse range’s distinguishing attributes includes the use of ingredients, whereby 97% of which are of natural origin. Unique plants traditionally used in herbal medicine, including Swiss Pine and Wild Pansy extracts, are combined with hydrating hyaluronic acid designed to achieve a plumping effect on the skin.

In accordance with the brand’s leaning toward sustainable manufacturing practices, ampoules and jars are made using 30% and 20% recycled glass respectively, and are housed in 100% recycled paper boxes.

Inside each box is a prompt to view Payot’s iconic La Gym Beaute facial routine – a nod to the business’ connection to health and wellness through beauty. Gabrielle, Blanc Spa’s founder, eagerly road tested the range, a devout Payot enthusiast, and here are her thoughts.

“I’m excited to see where the Payot brand is going, with a number of significant changes to the brand and ranges this year including bringing back the ever-missed Lisse “plumping serum” that was discontinued in 2019. The Lisse Plumping Booster Serum is back baby and is even more powerful than it's plumping predecessor (Payot Techni Booster) – crows feet watch out is all I can say!

We now have a range that is “pro-age” that is really working to prevent the signs of ageing and support skin hydration and skin cell turnover. It is instantly absorbed into the skin to fill those incessant wrinkles at their source. It is also great to see the introduction of Retinol for Payot – a long time coming! This is a very on trend plump-my-face-now treatment range that is fresh and highly technical at the same time. What’s more is that this one of the star ingredients aligns with perfection to our brand philosophy of alpine performance with Swiss Alpine Pine.

The 10-day Express Wrinkle Treatment is a retinol starter’s kit, the gift set that will have wrinkles running and an epic refresher for anyone! This is a supercharge-my-skin booster that achieves smooth and plump skin without compromise. The pack consists of 10 x pure retinol ampoules for night and 10 x pure hyaluronic acid ampoules for day. Love love love!”

Blanc Spa stocks the full range of Payot Lisse:
Payot Lisse Crème Lissante Rides (Day Crème)
Payot Lisse Serum Booster Repulpant (Boosting Serum)
Payot Lisse Sleeping Crème Resurfacante (resurfacing night crème)
Payot Lisse Cure 10 Rides – (10 day & night skin booster set with retinol)