A muse of our most favoured treatments, to elevate the mind and nourish the skin and body.

Mont Blanc Ritual

Your destination for elevation where wellness transcends... This spa package is our collection of premium (and most favoured) wellness treatments. A full body experience that dispels stress and restores radiance to your mind, body and skin.

Blanc APEX Facial | Crystal Body Exfoliation | Blanc Signature De-Stress | Spa Pedicure


4.5hrs - $1,000

Alpine Escape Ritual

This ritual brings together treatments that harness the pure, raw and restorative energy of The Alps. Be invigorated by its refreshing nature and our infatuation with fire and ice to bring elevated results to restore the mind and nourish the skin.

Crystal Body Exfoliation | Blanc APEX Facial | Hand Refining Treatment


2.25hrs - $600

Unwind Ritual

A rapid-relaxation ritual that is the perfect pairing of back and shoulder massage and skin refreshing treatment. Emerge lighter, with relaxed shoulders and a refreshed complexion.

Back & Shoulder Massage | Blanc Signature Facial


90mins - $300

Signature De-Stress

Unlock shoulder tension, dissipate stress, and ease a racing mind and head pressure. Treatment ascends through the neck, shoulders, jaw, temples, and scalp, freeing up space in the head and lifting weight off the shoulders. Includes LED.


75mins - $300

Crystal Exfoliation

A brightening and deeply stimulating full body exfoliation to refine skin texture.


45mins - $165

Spa Pedicure

A deluxe foot ritual dedicated to eliminating tension and restoring skin and nails.


75mins - $170

Couples Packages

Why not share some Blanc Spa wellness with someone special? All of our Spa Rituals can be tailored for two guests.


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Prices are per person.