VIP Packs

By popular demand, we have packed up our  favorites / crowd pleasing treatments to give you more regular Blanc Spa enjoyment! Nothing better than knowing your next wellness appointment has been taken care of. Mindful relaxation, skintrition and detoxification awaits.


Swedish Massage 10 Pack
10 x Swedish Massages (60mins)
$1,100 (save $200)


It’s here! A massage series from Blanc Spa promoting mindful relaxation and essential detoxification.


This is the chance for you to take some time out and focus on YOU… to recharge, dispel tension and disconnect from the stresses of the outside world. This massage series is so popular based on it’s essential detoxifying properties, dispelling muscular discomfort and bringing clarity to the mind.


The best bit… we’ve packaged it up so you enjoy extra benefits/ extra massage.


Swedish Massage 10 Pack is valid for 12 months. Non transferable, Ts&Cs apply.

10 x Swedish Massage (60 mins)          $1,100

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Signature Facial 10 Pack
10 x Signature Facials (60mins)
$1,260 (save $140)


Blanc Spa’s Signature Series packages up all the goodness of our highly sought after Signature Facial. Harnessing Swiss extracts and botanicals coupled with a highly bespoke, expert approach with this pack we ensure you are on a skin care journey of epic/mountain proportions.


Relax and rebook, we will do the rest so you feel fantastic and your skin health is exceptional. GLOW GLOW GLOW.


Signature Facial Pack is valid for 12 months. Non transferable. Ts&Cs apply.

10 x Signature Facial (60 mins)          $1,260

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Blanc Seasonal Facials
4 x Blanc Seasonal Facials (1hr)
$500 (save $60)


A treat from Blanc Spa to you… be rewarded with a facial offer that keeps your skin in tune and ensures you are pampered (at least) with the seasons…


Introducing our essential skin booster facial series specifically crafted to nourish and revitalise skin function in line with the seasons. As the seasons shift, so too do the needs of our skin. Our seasonal facials are bespoke skin boosters and conditioners delivering season specific vitamins and minerals maintaining skin vibrancy and glow. Our season specific facial series is the gateway to beautiful skin.



Blanc Seasonal Facial Series is valid for 12 months, recommending regular quarterly facial treatments. Non transferrable. Ts&Cs apply.

4 x Blanc Seasonal Facial          $500

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