Payot Ritual Corps Lait Hydratant 24H (Hydra24 Corps)


Hydrating, firming treatment for a youthful body with Hydro-Regulator complex


Payot Hydra24 Corps is an essential body loation to keep your skin hydrated 24hours of the day! With super technology that drip feeds the skin hydration for 24hours, this is a skin transforming moisturiser that combat dehydration and dryness all day long. Red baron extract along with multi flower honey extract provide the actions of soft nourishment and long lasting hydration.


Prepare to be blown away by skin hydration and conditioning from top to toe.
– Luxurious body moisturiser with comforting properties
– Leading edge drip feed hydration for 24hour skin hydration
– Maintain the skins natural moisture level while firming the skin
– Non-greasy and fast penetrating
– Pump application for easy use and routine


Apply 2 x per day for best results. Application is recommended daily morning and night (after showering). Pump formation.

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