Payot Creme No 2 L’Original


The first soothing care creme developed almost 100 years ago, by Nadia Payot . With selected plant extracts with calming and soothing properties the formulation of CRÈME N°2 remains in its original form.

Sooth irritations, occasional redness, and neutralise minor skin disorders and feelings of discomfort:
– Skin reactions (redness, roughness, warm sensations) caused by sunburn, minor specific burns, bites and bumps;
– Irritations (chapped, redness, itching) caused by cold, wind, pollution, stress, rubbing;
– Sensitivity (redness, itching, tingling) treats reactive skin from irritants such as shaving, laser hair removal.

Ingredients: Liquorice, Thyme and lavender essential oils, Zinc oxide


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Deliver immediate soothing to the skin
Can be used on face or body
Redness and irritation disappears
Skin recovers comfort and wellbeing

Bandage-like softness: Apply a thick layer to irritated areas and leave on for 30 minutes. Remove the excess with a cotton pad.
Prevent irritation and redness: Apply Crème N°2 in a thin layer to any sensitive areas. Helps prevent irritation regularly caused by irritants or contact agents.
Night mask: For occasional redness on the face, and apply Creme no2 to the face and leave on all night.



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