Lira MYSTIQ ILuminating Beauty Oil

A luxurious illuminating beauty oil that strengthens skin function, brings incredible cellular repair, is anti-inflammatory, promotes collagen repair, is brightening and promotes complexion radiance and healing.

RRP $129

  • This is a corrector serum and moisturiser in one.
  • A topical essential fatty acid.
  • A dry oil formulation with low and high molecular weight.
  • Is an incredible hydrating oil great for dehydrated, hyper-pigmentation, photo and environmentally damaged skins.
  • Great to rosacea, eczema, peri oral dermatitis delivering protection of the skins immune system.

Upon cleansing, apply 2-3 drops across entire face and neck for nightly hydration. May be used under daily sun protection for additional hydration or added to day or night creme for additional nourishment.

Actives: Mastiha, hemp oil, argan oil, vitamin c, pomegranate oil, plant stem cells

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