Pause, relieve tension, and be restored with our expert pregnancy treatments designed to promote deep relaxation and re-connection to self and baby in waiting.

Blanc’s bespoke pregnancy treatments and massage are delivered by wellness experts, within the most supportive setting, dedicated to guiding and empowering mothers-to-be to a greater state of wellness. Treatments are crafted for pregnant women from 12 weeks to full term.


The perfect gift to re-energise, nurture, and provide a pause from the distraction of everyday life.


A facial specifically designed for mothers to be, using a selection of Payot products that are not only safe for pregnancy but allow for the skin to be treated to an abundance of nutrients that gently clarify and bring exquisite hydration.


Our pregnancy facials are performed in a supported environment with the bed and support allowing for bespoke support to ensure the most comfortable facial experience.


Products used are completely safe, so peace of mind ensures total relaxation.

60 mins         $185


Our beautifully restorative and essential relaxation massage for expectant mothers has been specially crafted to relieve common discomforts of pregnancy whilst promoting well-being of mother and baby.


Oils used are completely safe, so peace of mind ensures total relaxation.


Comfort is assured by expert therapists and the use of a highly supportive treatment table including lofty pregnancy pillows.

60 mins          $175


An indulgence for expectant mums to pamper their toes & feet – a treat to beautify the feet that become increasingly hard to reach.


This is a deluxe foot maintenance tailored for pregnant mums, in our supported luxe treatment beds. This Spa Pedicure includes full nail and skin maintenance complete with a light legs massage to alleviate fluid retention.


Rest assured one will float with twinkling toes out the door.

75 mins         $155