Now is your chance! Take up the call to wear a mask, to change your normal habits & embed mask wearing into your normal routine.


Here is our selection of our favourite, game changing masks to bring the best results & self-care experience at home. Discover our collection for every skin type, texture & application – Sheet Masks, Express Masks, & Tube Masks.

Sheet Masks

Blanc’s Venera

“My go-to now is the Payot
“Hangover” Anti-Oxidant Mask
I’m a busy working mum & it’s fast acting with potent actives to renew, brighten & hydrate in a flash. Enjoy a little self-care, draw a bath & apply or whip it on with a cuppa. You will love it & your skin will thank you.” 


Gabrielle’s INSTANT WOW

“INSTANT WOW! The Uni Skin Magnetique Mask will brighten your skin & your day! Fun & brings so many goodies to the skin in ONE mask – radiance, density, even complexion, oxygenation! Must try, magnet removal is fun & increases skin function!” 


Julia’s Skin Saviour

“A must right now, the Hydra24+ Balm Mask this mask is a game changer. True hydration station that firms, energises & illuminates. It’s a light weight gel & can be used as a night mask or even as an extra infusion under your day/ night creme. AND it drip feeds hydration for 8 hours!”