Massage & Body


Elevate your mind & body to a complete state of relaxation. Our tailored approach to massage at Blanc Spa enables an experience that allows complete relaxation to re-harmonise the body and mind with the ability to treat key concerns including muscular aches and pains, through to chronic tension and stress.

Single treatments provide instant relief and relaxation, and our clients love how we can work with them to build a regular massage program to help achieve long term relief. Regular self-care is so important for your body & mind. Our massage series has been developed for just this reason, your self-care.


A traditional relaxation massage, designed to relax the body and mind and is  tailored to your needs. The bespoke massage promotes full body relaxation and eases muscle tension. Focus areas can be personalised to each individual guest.

60 mins         $160
90 mins         $230


A powerful massage, deeply stimulating to address problematic musculoskeletal aches & pains. This massage is highly bespoke & uniquely tailored to achieve relief & ease body tensions. Using deliberate strokes & stretching, muscles fibres are lengthened & tension eased.

60 mins         $175
90 mins         $245


A luxurious massage where you melt into deep relaxation, crafted to gently dissolve tension & stress, leaving the body & mind relaxed & recharged. Enriched with the therapeutic benefits & sequence of Aromatherapy Associates you are brought to a true state of calm and clarity.

90 mins         $235


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Our body treatments are the ultimate spa experience, inspired by the restorative powers of Alpine nature. The Blanc Spa body treatments have been carefully crafted to re-energise, ground, and heal, drawing on the natural elements to revitalise the body and calm the mind.


Alpine Herb Exfoliation | Body Envelopment Wrap | Rain Shower | Back Massage

Awaken your senses with our purifying body ritual. This is a deep cleansing body treatment consisting of a deluxe alpine herb exfoliation & body clay ridding the body of toxins and fluid retention. Superb at eliminating stress & promoting deep relaxation, with huge therapeutic powers of essential oils. This is a beautiful and energising detox treatment for the body, skin and mind.

90 mins         $280


Intensive Body Exfoliation

A brightening & stimulating body exfoliation to refine skin texture & strengthen skin integrity from top to toe. Harnessing the energy of Himalayan salt crystals & rhyolite, this deluxe body treatment is enriched with a nourishing balm infused with essential oils to soften, smooth & hydrate.

45 mins         $150


Hydro Soak + Full Body Massage

Immerse yourself into our candlelit spa bath with a boutique blend of deep relaxation essential oils & magnesium-rich salts. Whilst you submerge, muscles & connective tissues are softened & the mind relaxed in preparation for the customised full body massage to follow. A beautifully meditative treatment for one, although our spa bath is comfortably big enough for two.

75 mins         $230