X Body Treatments

Our body treatments are the ultimate spa experience, inspired by the restorative powers of Alpine nature. The Blanc Spa body treatments have been carefully crafted to re-energise, ground and heal, drawing on the natural elements to revitalises the body and calm the mind.


Alpine herb exfoliation | Body envelopment & wrap | Rain shower | Back massage
Awaken your senses with a purifying body ritual. This is a deep cleansing treatment complete with exfoliation and mineral clays to assist in the reduction of toxins, fluid retention and cellulite, ridding the body of pollutants and eliminating stress. This is a powerful energising and detox treatment for the skin and soft tissues.

90 mins         $275

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Alpine herb exfoliation | Swiss pine envelopment | Petit Facial | Rain shower
A hydrating body treatment that rejuvenates and hydrates with alpine purity. Alpine herbal body exfoliation boosts circulation and the lymphatic system. Renewal of skin cells allows for optimum absorption of our Swiss pine envelopment. Treatment is completed with a Petit AlpPure facial and rainshower.

90 mins         $280

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Body Exfoliation | Full Body Massage
An energising treatment focusing on skin, muscles and joints. Begin with full body exfoliation, followed by a detoxifying essential oil body massage to expel muscular toxins and restore vitality.

75 mins         $200

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Intensive Body Exfoliation
A brightening and stimulating exfoliation to refine texture, stimulate micro-circulation and hydrate – harnessing the energy of Himalayan salt crystals. Full body exfoliation is followed by a rain shower experience and skin is nurtured with an intensive hydration balm for flawless skin. Fantastic pre spray-tan.

45 mins         $120

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A purifying back facial treatment to for problematic or congestion prone skin to regulate oil flow and improve overall integrity of the skin. This essential treatment will deeply cleanse, decongest and refine skin texture and ease any underlying inflammation allowing healing and strengthening.

60 mins         $190

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Let your legs and feet feel more energised and light with the Blanc Après Ski Treatment. This is a circulation boosting treatment, helping ease fluid retention and promoting improved blood circulation. Legs will feel instantly more comfortable and detoxified as you float from this intensive relaxation treatment.

45 mins         $165

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Blanc Spa taps into the powers of water to relax and rebalance the body, mind and soul. Our rain shower and bathing rituals allow for total relaxation and can cater for one or two people. Private bathing is the perfect enhancement to your spa experience and is to be enjoyed in conjunction with a spa treatment.


Traditional Rhassoul
Inside a private steam room “Rhassoul” this is a detoxifying ritual of alpine salts and mineral clays to cleanse, clarify and relax. Take a breath and enjoy the tactile nature of this experience.

30 mins         $140

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Hydro Soak
Immerse yourself in a warm hydrotherapy bath, soothing aches and pains and relieving tension. This experience can be added to any spa treatment and can be a decadent treatment for one or a romantic spa experience for two offered in our couples suite.

30 mins         $90

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