TIME TO GLOW UP – Mask layering

There’s nothing better than the glow from a professional Blanc Spa facial. We recently shared a mask layering ritual to give you a few tips on how you can get some of that post-treatment radiance.


We paired up with the incredible duo Kate and Soph on the Talking in Common podcast to share the glow. Using a few of Gabrielle’s favourites from Payot & Lira Clinical, this ritual is everything you need – self-care, self-love and bright glowing skin.


Watch the full video here and refer to the steps below

Talking In Common x Blancspa

Step 1: The double cleanse


The first step is to cleanse with an appropriate cleanser for your skin type. A fabulous go to and gentle, comforting yet highly effective cleanser is the Payot Lait Micellaire Demaquillant. Take two pumps and massage onto a dry skin, being careful of the eye area. Remove with a soft face cloth or rinse under tepid water. Hot tip, always double cleanse! The first cleanse breaks down impurities on the skin such as make-up, pollution, free radicals from the day; while the second cleanse is what is actually cleaning your skin.


Step 2: Enzyme exfoliation


Begin your mask layering ritual with a bit of bubble and fizz. The Payot Bubble Peeling Mask cleanses and exfoliates with an AHA (enzyme) that refines and refreshed your complexion. You will rediscover your skin in a fresh light with this mask. Apply full sachet in a thick layer to the face, being mindful of the eyes. Leave on for 5 minutes, allowing bubble to work its magic and voila… skin radiance overload.


Step 3: Radiance boosting & gently detoxifying clay mask


The Payot Pate Gris Masque Charbon is a fun and super soft charcoal mask that clarifies, evens skin tone and boosts skin radiance. Apply a thick and even layer to the face using a mask brush or finger.  Leave on for 5 minutes before removing with tepid water and with the help of a soft face cloth.


Step 4: Sheet mask


Now it’s time to replenish and plump. Sheet masks allow the skin to ‘rest’ while being saturated in hydrating, brightening and anti-aging ingredients and actives. Gabrielle selected the Payot Hangover Morning Mask rich in anti-oxidants (Vitamin C) and packed full of hydration, effectively adding moisture and back into the skin whilst brightening. Hot tip: squeeze the excess serum out of the sachet and apply to the next and décolleté. Leave on for up to 15 minutess if possible.


Step 5: Facial Massage – Gua Sha


Enlisting a few massage moves will help ward of signs of fatigue and tiredness as well as early lines and wrinkles in the long term. Apply a facial oil  to allow for better glide, illumination and essential nourishment (Gabrielle’s favourite is the Lira Clinical Mystiq Beauty Oil). Then comes the beauty tool; the Gua Sha to de-puff and achieve instant radiance (Payot Rose Quartz Gua Sha). Begin your Gua Sha practice by opening up the neck and décolleté before gliding and massaging the face. Hot tip: keep your Gua Sha in the fridge for a more intense de-puff and detox.


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