Spa Packages

Our deluxe spa packages are carefully crafted to deliver pure relaxation & rejuvenation – it’s true self-care & wellness. This boutique treatment collection affords an escape like no other to restore the mind, body & skin.


Bathing ritual | Body Treatment | Swedish Massage | Blanc Signature Facial | LED | Spa Pedicure | Spa Manicure | Artisan Refreshment


Our lustful self-care package to elevate you or a significant other to a place of divine escape and total relaxation. This is the ultimate wellness experience with no stone left unturned, top to toe pampering and relaxation, dissolving stress and uplifting the mind and body.


Your full day escape begins as you submerge into our bathing ritual, a warm candle lit bath to slow the breath and plunge you into a relaxed state. The bathing ritual is the gateway to a renewing body exfoliation, nourishing mineral body treatment and rain shower experience.

The body and skin refined, muscles are treated with a full body Swedish massage to release tension and ease muscular discomfort whilst still calming the mind. The skin is massaged with and enveloped in a nourishing balm to leave the skin flawless.

Dressed in our comforting gown and slippers you will enjoy a healthy artisan lunch before we work our magic with our renowned Blanc Signature Facial experience complete with LED light rejuvenation. But wait there is more, your hands and feet are not forgotten, with a deluxe spa pedicure and manicure to complete your day of bliss as you slowly awaken to consciousness.

5.5 hours          $1,000

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Bathing Ritual | Body Treatment | Swedish Massage | Blanc Signature Facial


Indulge yourself in true escapism with this signature package. Encompassing all restorative elements of our alpine spa, from a rejuvenating salt bathing ritual, alpine herb exfoliation, detoxifying pine & cypress and pink pepper infused mineral clay. Our rain shower experience allows for the most tranquil cleansing removal.
Seamlessly transition to a bespoke Swedish Massage to ease muscle tension whilst enveloped in a nourishing balm for flawless skin, followed by our renowned Blanc Signature Facial.


Be refreshed with this treatment, total self-care treating the entire body – skin, muscles, lymphatic system, and the face for complete relaxation and deluxe conditioning.

3 hrs          $550

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Shinrin-Yoku Package

Forest Bathing Ritual or shinrin-yoku translates to taking in the evergreen forest through our senses. It’s a treatment where we slow down and connect with nature harnessing the power and benefits on our bodies and mind from a walk in the forest.

This splendid spa experience includes a forest bathing oil soak, forest herb exfoliation, essential forest oil full body massage and pressure point release scalp massage, all calling and drawing on the elements of nature and the direct benefit on mind and body. To complete, a refreshing tonic is served whilst you relax in your quiet space.

Get wild and experience the direct positive effect on several systems of our bodies. Blood pressure decreases, level of stress hormone cortisol drop, anxiety is alleviated and clutter in the mind is cleared. Spending time in nature and particularly among the trees is so beneficial for mind and body.
Lastly but not least a tonic is served to you whist you relax in your quite space.

2 hours          $450

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Swedish Massage | Blanc Signature Facial
A go-to treatment to provide rapid relaxation, a treatment combination of massage and facial that allows you feel completely reset, feel refreshed and revived.

Swedish Massage – A traditional, tailored relaxation massage, designed to relax the body and mind that is completely tailored to your needs.

Blanc Signature Facial – Our luxurious foundations facial for skin health & maintenance, to revive, brighten and recondition the skin.


120 mins          $275

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